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Natalia Rodriguez, PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist at Integrative Spine
and Sports.

Ms. Rodriguez believes in crafting an individualized plan for each patient,
addressing concerns while keeping treatment interactive and enjoyable. She has a
passion for orthopedics and incorporates fundamentals of Pilates to achieve long-
term benefits through core integration and body awareness.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, Ms. Rodriguez received her
Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Long Island University Brooklyn. Her
diversified education included training stints at specialized sports clinics, rehab
centers and intensive care units. She is currently working towards an Active
Release Technique Certification as well as a Maitland Manual Therapy

Prior to her career in physical therapy, Ms. Rodriguez was a professional ballroom
dancer, competing and performing in and around the Tri-State area. She continues
to teach professionally and has successfully used dance technique as a therapeutic
tool, assisting patients with Parkinson’s disease.

In her free time she enjoys eating sushi and diving.