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Road map to Wellness —

Living in New York City certainly has its perks.  Ground breaking arts, a diverse population and unprecedented access to everything one could want, from great cuisine, to fitness fads and an exciting nightlife all add to a dynamic, unparalleled experience.

But the benefits of city living can come with a price.  The more we cram into our busy schedules, the more we push our limits and expose ourselves to behaviors and toxins that can cause stress, sickness and premature aging.

Some of this is to be expected and can be considered the tax of living a modern, metropolitan life.  But it’s easy to become worn down and over time, we can all use a bit of help to get back on track.

At Integrative Spine & Sports we want you to literally have your cake and eat it too.  And so we’ve developed a program designed to combat occasional excesses and develop positive habits to keep you happy, healthy and on the road to wellness.


When the body breaks down, it’s important to consider a wide variety of causes.  Physical stress and traumatic injuries are common culprits and as a result, treatment can be relatively straightforward.

It’s also important to protect ourselves from less obvious but equally damaging toxins, found everywhere — in the food we eat, the air we breathe, in our cleaning products, our modern electronics…  even in our own bodies.

Stress hormones, emotional disturbances and external pollutants all create toxic “free radicals”; unstable cells that actually attack our own healthy cells, weakening the immune system and making us sick.

At Integrative Spine & Sports, we believe in a multi-tiered approach to wellness, treating the body inside and out.  A primary component of that treatment is “Detoxification”, introducing clients to healthy supplements and dietary practices designed to improve organ function, cleanse the blood and rid the body of toxins and waste.


Meyers’ Cocktail

As New Yorkers, we all live hectic, busy lives.  Sometimes, we neglect to take care of ourselves.  We eat on the run, burn the candle at both ends and (possibly) overindulge at happy hour.   As a result, we often don’t get the nutrients we need to feel good and function our best.

Good news:  There’s a cocktail for that! 

The “Myers cocktail” is anintravenous infusion, designed to deliver critical vitamins, elements and fluids,which combat illness,fight fatigue and help you feel better instantly.  Popularly known as a hangover remedy, the Meyer’s cocktail can beused to treat a range of conditions, including asthma, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

This popular IV consists of B vitamins, vitamin C, amino acids and a variety of essential nutrients.  It takes about 30 minutes to administer and is the most efficient way to get critical nutrients and hydration into the body.

B-12 injections

No one ever asked to have “less energy”.

B-12 is critical vitamin that helps accelerate the metabolism and reduce overall fatigue.   While naturally occurring in many common foods, some people have low B-12 levels and as a result, can benefit from an occasional, supplemental energy boost.

Vitamin B-12 is widely recognized as a vital component of overall vitality and health.  The relatively painless injection is administered intramuscularly and offers many benefits, including:

  1. Appetite suppression and weight loss.
  2. Building healthy red blood cells.
  3. Stimulating the metabolism.
  4. Helping the body breakdown alcohol.


Known as the “Mother of All Antioxidants”, Glutathione is an amino acid chain that is essential to maintaining health.

A master detoxifier, Glutathione is produced naturally, but can diminish over time due to poor diet, stress, toxins or simply the natural aging process.  Lower levels can deplete the immune system and overload the liver, making it difficult to ward off disease.

Glutathione infusions have proven to be an effective treatment for chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, liver disease and more, leading to improved overall health, detoxification and longevity.

Maintaining Health

In today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking world, many of us are guilty of ignoring our health until it becomes a problem.  Most of our clients contact us after an injury has occurred or a condition has worsened.  As a result, much of our focus is on promoting healing, restoring function and alleviating pain.   That’s what we do.

Here at Integrative Spine & Sports, we believe that education is an essential part of the recovery and rehabilitation process.  After all, as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   And preventing problems begins with smarter habits, conscious practices and a better understanding of what it takes to be healthy.

Weight Management

Weight gain isn’t just a cosmetic concern.  It also significantly increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.   And while weight gain is often caused by a poor diet, it can also be the result of genetic makeup or an inability to exercise due to injury.

The good news is that even modest weight loss can improve your overall health and help prevent future problems.   As your health care partners, our team at Integrative Spine & Sports will help you integrate positive lifestyle changes, startingwith diet and exercise.


Dieting is hard.  Sometimes we need a little help, to kick start weight loss.  Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds (or more than a few), Isagenix products offer a proven, safe solution.  We recommend Isagenix as a way to boost performance, speed recovery and improve overall health.


Designs For Health*

Based upon principles of the Paleolithic diet, the scientists at Designs for Health have developed a line of quality supplements designed to optimize nutritional wellness while increasing metabolic efficiency.

Our team of physicians and specialists work with each client, to determine which supplements most benefit their goals.


Exercise & Nutritional Counseling

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are widely documented.  But old habits are hard to break.  And despite best intentions, it can be difficult knowing how to implement positive changes.

At Integrative Spine & Sports we’ll help you design aneffective, sustainable exercise plan.  We’ll work alongside your preferred trainer and incorporate your favorite activities, witha focuson fitness education and behavior modification.

Additionally, our board certified nutritionists will help you make smart choices regarding your diet, introducing you to simple, effective tools like calorie counting and food journaling.

We’ll help you understand the principles of nutrition so you can lose weight, feel good and stay happy and healthy, for the long run.
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