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Integrative Spine and Sports offers laser nail fungus removal in Manhattan, NY.

Laser nail fungus removal is a non-invasive, non-pharmalogical procedure used to treat nail fungus.  The procedure is performed by our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Sanford Green, D.P.M., in our integrative physical medicine practice located on the Upper West Side of NYC.  Laser nail fungus removal is designed to treat toenail fungus and to reduce nail thickness, improve appearance and make trimming of nails easier.

There’s no need to live with thick, ugly, discolored nails any more.  Laser nail fungus treatments can improve the look of toenails painlessly, without the risk of potential side effects experienced with some medical treatments.

We perform laser treatment on affected nails using the FDA-approved Q-ClearTM laser, one of the most advanced dermatologic lasers currently available on the market.  Using this advanced technology, impulses of high-powered laser energy are directed through the nail and into the nail bed and area of nail growth to treat the underlying fungus.

The painless procedure takes only a few minutes to complete and results in no damage to the nail being treated or the surrounding skin.  For patients with very thick nails, the nail is first mechanically reduced with specialized equipment before the laser treatment is initiated to make the treatment more effective.

Once laser treatment has been performed on the nail, normal activities can be resumed right away.  There will be no visible change to the nail immediately following treatment, however as the nail begins to grow out, a more normal-looking, healthier nail is expected to appear.  It generally takes between 9 – 12 months for a new nail to grow out completely.  Most nails should improve following just one treatment, although we provide a second treatment (two months after the initial treatment) for no additional cost.

Laser nail fungus removal is a cosmetic procedure and is not considered to be “medically necessary” by most health insurance providers.