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Exercise Considerations During Pregnancy

  Exercise is necessary to help maintain your fitness and promote a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy places a lot of demands on your body and can have an impact on your daily activities. There are several guidelines to follow when it comes to exercising when you’re pregnant.   You must first gain clearance from your doctor …

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Are You Not Getting any Results and Want to Avoid Surgery? Try PRP.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, which is an injection in which your own blood is used to expedite the healing process. PRP has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past few years and has even been used by famous athletes such as Tiger Woods. PRP injections are geared towards the healing of …

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What To Do for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a stress to the plantar fascia on the bottom of your foot. The purpose of the plantar fascia is to provide stability to your arch when you walk. Plantar Fasciitis can occur for a number of reasons such as misalignment or strength deficits of the foot or lower extremity. Tight claves or …

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The Downside to Upping Your Mileage: Runners Knee

Now that the marathon is approaching, some runners are starting to breakdown and suffer from various injuries. Knee pain that occurs while running is referred to as Runner’s Knee and can occur during and after a run in the peak of training. Runner’s Knee is a term synonymous for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Runner’s Knee is …

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Take a Stand at Work

Making it a point to stand up at least every 30 minutes at work can make a big impact on your rehabilitation as well as utilized as a prevention strategy. Prolonged sitting allows your hamstrings and hip flexors to tighten and your low back muscles to become weak. Sitting posture plays a huge role in …

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Graston Technique Now Used for Breast Cancer Treatment

An unusual technique often used to treat sports injuries is now helping breast cancer survivors as well. It involves the use of specialized metal tools to dig deep into the muscle in search of scar tissue. “A lot of times with breast cancer patients, where their surgery’s been, they get a lot of scar tissue,” …

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The Graston Technique: An Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manual Therapy for Back Pain

There are many treatment options available for back pain caused by soft tissue problems, such as aback muscle strain. One method of treatment is soft tissue instrument assisted mobilization, which is a form of manual therapy designed to break down scar tissue and restrictions that are usually associated with some form of trauma to the …

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Runner’s World: The Trick to Hamstring Rehab

After poring over decades of research, a team of scientists in Australia believes it has pinpointed the missing link in hamstring injury rehabilitation: neuromuscular training. Neuromuscular training involves reactivating communication between neurons (nerve cells) and muscles. In the case of hamstring injuries, that can be done by performing heavy resistance training exercises like Nordic hamstring curls (seen …

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) Can be an Effective Alternative Osteo Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections do work by treating osteoarthritis by actually healing and smoothing the joints. For the past two years I have had great success in my office doing these procedures. Even though insurance companies are still not covering these procedures, those that can afford them are benefiting. And more and more physicians are …

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